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Vehicle Dipping is similar to car wrapping and the finished product looks identical but the applying method is different. The spray wrap material is a flexible liquid coating applied to the vehicle with specialist spray equipment in numerous coats to build up to a professional finish. 

The spray film puts down a tough rubber like layer that protects the surface underneath. Once the film is on it will not be removed by car wash or detergents. It bonds to most surfaces and any exterior or Interior surface it is applied to. The biggest benefit is you can transform the colour of your vehicle within 48 hours.

Vehicle Dipping is a hugely popular vehicle enhancement application in the USA and other countries across the globe and is now becoming a huge hit in the UK. Vehicle Dipping has remarkable longevity and the best and most popular aspect of this product is if you decide to convert back to the original look of your vehicle or want a new color it will PEEL OFF leaving no trace at all on the original paint work!
We have the equipment and experience necessary to perform a professional transformation of your car. Choose from our wide array of colours and decide which one is right for you.
Apart from the standard colours, matte black, white and clear, there are a vast range of custom colours ready to use or if you wish we can create a colour of your choice.


The prices below are for guide purposes only, depending on the make and model of your vehicle we maybe able to offer you a more competitive rate please contact us for more information:-
  • Small Cars - From €450

  • Medium Cars - From €550

  • Large Cars - From €600

  • Wheels - From €25


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